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Kim Sets Off for Summit with Putin

According to reports from South Korean media, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is embarking on an unusual journey to Russia for a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reported by BBC News on Monday. Kim is currently traveling aboard an armored train bound for Vladivostok, with the meeting anticipated to take place as early as Tuesday. Sources suggest that the purpose of this summit is to discuss the possibility of North Korea supplying weapons to assist Russia in its ongoing conflict in Ukraine, based on information from U.S. officials.

This meeting in Vladivostok follows Kim's previous visit to the same region in eastern Russia, where he held a summit with President Putin. That summit took place after negotiations regarding North Korea's nuclear disarmament with former President Donald Trump had collapsed. The decision to convene this week's meeting appears to be in response to recent updates received by the White House, indicating that arms negotiations between Russia and North Korea are actively progressing.

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