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Morocco Earthquake Survivors Appeal for Assistance as Death Toll Surpasses 2,100

For the third consecutive night, survivors in towns devastated by Morocco's deadliest earthquake in over 60 years endured outdoor conditions. Rescue teams raced against time, diligently sifting through debris in a desperate bid to locate additional survivors. The toll from Friday's powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake has tragically risen to a minimum of 2,122 fatalities, with another 2,421 individuals sustaining injuries, as reported by state TV. This seismic event, the most potent in Morocco's recent history, inflicted its severest impact on remote villages nestled in the Atlas Mountains. Nevertheless, it also caused significant destruction in parts of Marrakech's historic city, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Local media within the North African nation further informed of the collapse of a historically significant 12th-century mosque.

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