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Report Reveals Chinese Nationals Testing Security at U.S. Military Sites as 'Gate-Crashers'

According to U.S. officials cited in a report by The Wall Street Journal on Monday, Chinese nationals have gained access to sensitive U.S. locations, including military bases, on multiple occasions in recent years. Some of these intruders, referred to as "gate-crashers" by officials, have posed as tourists. These incidents have included individuals crossing onto a missile range in New Mexico and scuba divers approaching a rocket-launch site in Florida, as detailed in the Journal's report.

Government authorities believe that the individuals involved are often Chinese nationals who may have been coerced into providing information to Beijing. This activity appears to be part of an effort to test the security measures in place at U.S. military facilities. In response to these allegations, China's embassy in Washington has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, characterizing the U.S. interpretation of these incidents as "purely ill-intentioned fabrications."

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