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Ultra Right Beer Takes a Stand in Georgia with Limited-Edition Can Featuring Trump

EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Dads Ultra Right Beer, a brand born out of opposition to

Bud Lights controversial partnership with a transgender influencer, has revealed plans

for a special limited edition beverage featuring the former President Trumps mugshot.

Dubbed "Conservative Dads Retaliation" these unique cans bearing the former

presidents likeness will be exclusively available on the companys website for a brief

two-week window. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be directed towards

supporting GOP legal defense funds in Georgia.

CEO Seth Weathers expressed the brands commitment to standing firm in their beliefs,

stating, "It's crucial for conservatives to take a principled stance and not yield ground.

We're contributing to the effort to combat the policies of the Fulton District Attorneys

office by raising funds to assist our unfairly indicted friends in Georgia."

The company disclosed that ten percent of the revenue generated from the limited

edition cans would be allocated to the Georgia Republican Party and the David Shafer

Legal Defense Fund. These funds are earmarked to provide legal defense for Georgias

Trump electors who face what many believe to be politically motivated prosecutions.

Josh McKoon, chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, emphasized the importance

of these proceeds, noting, "The funds are essential for us to continue supporting the

legal defense of our Electors, who are facing unjust allegations by the rogue Fulton DA,

Fani Willis, for merely engaging in lawful contestation of an election."

For those eager to acquire a six-pack of this distinctive beer, the company will make

them available online for $25, plus shipping costs.

Weathers added, "Conservative Dads Retaliation is set to become an extraordinary

collectors item, all the while contributing to the battle against perceived injustices. The

unwarranted prosecution of our fellow citizens marks a pivotal moment in our nations

history, and our response will shape our future."

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